Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wildcat's First Exhibition

Starting March 9th, the wildcats will have paintings on display in the parking garage windows of 300 6th street. Thank you, Jill.

Who are the Wildcats?

Written by Clay: The wildcat painters were born on the sunny hillsides of Provence, during a plein air painting workshop led by artist and author Ian Roberts. We are the students of Elizabeth Locke, dedicated painters of various styles and subject matters, brought together by a common passion for self-expression. The Wildcats name was given to us by Ian's stepsister Christine, after a particularly challenging day of painting, when we were extracting everything possible from a lesson Ian was teaching us. Together we have nearly a century of painting: mastering color, composition and drawing, always drawing. Beyond the mechanics, we are dedicated to extracting the beauty of everyday scenes, the meaning of familiar experiences and the significance of those around us. We invite you to join us on our exploration. Take a few minutes, travel with us to Provence, around Austin and to our own back yards. See what we see in this wonderful world.